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WhatsApp announces additional security features for Web, Desktop


(ANN NEWS) – WhatsApp has announced additional security features for WhatsApp Web and desktop, which it says will add another layer of protection to a user’s account when they link it to their computer.WhatsApp will now take advantage of face or fingerprint unlock, where it is available on the mobile phone operating system when a user is linking it to the web version.
WhatsApp says that in order to link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to one’s account, they will now be asked to use face or fingerprint unlock on the phone, before scanning a QR code.At the moment, users just have to scan the QR code from the phone to link their WhatsApp account to the laptop or PC.According to the company, this new security feature will “limit the chance that a housemate or officemate can link devices” to their WhatsApp account without the user finding out.Currently WhatsApp does notify users whenever Web/Desktop login occurs with a pop-up notification, but the new feature will add extra security. Users always have the ability to unlink devices from their phone at any time.

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