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Minors hit hard by UK Covid variant as at least 20,000 children test positive in Punjab


LAHORE (Ann News)– At least 20,000 children in Punjab have contracted the British-variant of Covid-19 during the last three months.The provincial health department Wednesday said nearly 4,830 children in Punjab tested positive for the novel virus in the last month. This number is the highest since the infection hit the province in March last year.The exact figure of the total diagnosed children, who were aged 15 and below, is 19,357 while 5,000 cases were reported only in Lahore alone.The provincial health officials further mentioned that at least 1,669 children tested positive for the deadly virus in Feb, while 2,021 tested positive in January.Most minors only showed mild symptoms or had no symptoms at all while some got severely ill from complications. Authorities of Children’s Hospital in Punjab capital also confirmed the death of three Covid-positive infants in the month of March.

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