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Four children drown in rainwater in Tharparkar


They were from the Kohli community.

Villagers identified them as Lal Chand and Tekam, sons of Karmshi Kohi who had arrived in the area from Kenrro village near Diplo Town and Kamali and Mawal, residents of the Navy Chak area.

They drowned in Purad Dhoro, a dead stream, near their house where rainwater had accumulated some days back due to the heavy rains and subsequent cuts in the drains. Their bodies were moved to a rural health centre in Khsoki town of Badin district. All the children were between 8 and 10 years of age.

Entire barrage areas of Tharparkar are under rainwater due to unplugged cuts in the LBOD and other drains.

Most residents of the area have already taken shelter at the sandy dunes in Tharparkar after their houses and villages were submerged.

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