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Prime suspect Abid Ali in motorway rape case still at large on eighth day


LAHORE – Abid Ali, the prime suspect in motorway rape case, is still at large on eighth day of the incident (Wednesday) as the Punjab Police have handed over the task of arresting him to the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD).

The CTD has been involved in the case after the authorities failed in nabbing Abid Ali despite use of latest technology. The Criminal Investigation Agency (CIA) Police also remained unsuccessful. However, investigation is ongoing from arrested suspect Shafqat in jail.

Sources privy to the matter have informed that Abid Ali’s ID card has been blocked. The police have maintained that the step is taken in order to stop the accused from fleeing abroad.

On the other hand, statement of the affected woman has also not been recorded as yet and special team is formed in this regard which will contact the victim. The police have stated that the woman’s statement is legally very important in the case.

Let it be known that Abbas, brother-in-law of alleged co-accused Waqar-ul-Hassan, and his brothers were released after investigation on Tuesday. The police had arrested Abbas along with his brothers Salamat and Bota a couple of days ago.

The decision to release Waqar-ul-Hassan, neighbor of prime suspect Abid Ali, will be taken after receiving his DNA report. 

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