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Dowry is a non-Islamic ritual and a social disease


Written by Mrs. Naila Mushtaq Ahmed Dhawan
Advocate Lahore High Court Lahore / Former Finance Secretary Paplan Bar Mianwali
Dowry is a curse, they all say, but to me it is a curse as well as a social disease that has hollowed out our society. Just like a wound in the body becomes a fistula So this part of the body is destroyed so that a person can survive. In the same way, dowry has become a scourge of society.There is an urgent need to eradicate this scourge from our society in order to restore and maintain social life Many years have passed since the subcontinent was divided into Pak-Wahdat. Similarly, many years have passed since Pakistan emerged on the world map as an Islamic state.But to this day we are bound by Hindu customs. We became Muslims and became Pakistanis but mentally we are still forced to live according to Hindu customs.There is a dowry ritual in these Hindu rituals. Due to this curse, many sisters and daughters remain virgins. All parents give their daughters something according to their status If he is gladly given a share in the property instead of dowry, then the religion of his beloved will be followed by Islam and if he is given dowry, then he will follow the Hindu ritual. Every day you get to read the news in the newspapersThe gang was arrested and fled with cash and jewelery on the pretext of marriage. It is also often the case that girls who do not bring dowry or bring little are prayed all the time in-laws.And it is called bad. His stay with his father-in-law is doubled and finally it is time for divorce. That is why many relationships are broken just before they are formed
That the boys give a long list of dowries to the girls. In our society, there are often people in families who look after the dowry of a girl in spite of all the luxuries.And big orders are made, even though nothing happens, the girl’s parents are forced to take out a loan And all his life he has been blackmailed by his in-laws to settle his daughter’s house. This social disease has left our families hollow
In Islam, according to Sharia and the law, all food, maintenance, necessities, etc. are restricted to men only.How can a proud and wise man, who considers a woman inferior, take pride in using the things brought by a woman and ordering things from the girl? While a person has given you his dignity and you can’t afford to take anything, but in our society there is still a severe shortage of such thinkers.
Greed has destroyed this society. Today, our courts are full of claims for food and alimony and dowry because honorable men do it.That his wife and children should go to the courts for food and alimony, but he cannot bear the expenses of his wife and children by sitting at home with dignity. Men need it
That they refuse to take dowry at the time of marriage so that a good tradition can be established in the society. Society is ours and we have to change it. Parents should take care of this That he should have the same thoughts for his own daughter as he has for the daughters of others, so that he can get rid of the curse like events and dowry. Parents should educate and train the boy in such a way that he can stand on his own feet and Don’t even feel the need for a dowry
If parents, instead of giving dowry, etc., adorn their daughter with the ornaments of education and give her her right in property and make her stand on her own feet, she can make her life better instead of being crushed in the mill of this rotten society. Is And she can play a great role in the well-being of her children and family, and she can make her life better with her knowledge and skills.

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