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Nepal’s star K2 climber does it his way


SKARDU (ANN) – Acclaimed mountaineer Nirmal Purja is no stranger to dazzling ascents or forbidding expeditions, but the hardened Nepali has confirmed his place in history after leading the team that finally conquered K2 in winter.Purja was the driving force behind the all-Nepali team that last weekend became the first to scale the world’s second-highest mountain in treacherous winter conditions.All previous attempts at securing the elusive record on “the savage mountain” haS failed.The history-making team, Purja says, was united by their “common goal” of claiming what he has called the last and greatest mountaineering feat for their nation.”For a bigger mission like this you need a purpose to make it happen,” the 38-year-old told AFP in the remote Pakistani mountain city of Skardu.”If there was an (individual) goal I don’t think we would have been successful.”Despite garnering fame as expert climbing guides paid to undertake great burdens and even greater risks, Nepalis have rarely got the same accolades as their foreign clients.

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